Contact Information

Sarah Maddux
Volunteer Coordinator
(316) 943-1191

The Arc’s Lights Volunteer Info

Please dress for the weather.

  • Need 10-12 adults. If it is cold, you may want more volunteers so you can rotate and have breaks to go indoors and warm up.
  • Arrive by 5:10 pm ready to receive your assignment and instructions so you can be in place by 5:25 pm. Some groups like to work 2 shifts on Friday & Saturday nights.  It will help if the team leader(s) for the group can arrive by 5:00 pm.

Volunteers Working Mondays- Thursdays (Donation Nights)


  • Safely approach and stop every car
  • Greet the car with, “Welcome to The Arc Lights”
  • Hold your donation bucket at their window so they can give a donation, don’t be pushy, but don’t be shy
  • Tell them you are taking donations to benefit The Arc and its programs
  • Say, “Here are some candy canes and info about The Arc and our programs”
  • Wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for their donation
  • Remember that you are representing The Arc!!
  • Call, text, Facebook, tweet, and use any other social media to let your friends know you are at the lights tonight and they should be here too!!! Come Visit!!!


Volunteers wear reflective vests and use flashlights to guide traffic into the driveway at The Arc and at the exit as they leave. Volunteers wave at the cars as they enter and exit The Arc’s Lights.

Volunteers Working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (Admission Nights)

Volunteer Duties:

  • Greet cars at 1st St as they approach on St. Paul St. Inform them of admission price and alternative options, if they do not wish to proceed. A required admission fee was added last year, but you may need to explain this to them. There will be a turnoff where they can exit if they do not want to pay.
  • Collect money or tickets from cars entering display. Volunteers at this station will need to be able to make change. (primary duty)
  • Hand out bags with info sheets and candy canes to cars and thank them for coming.  (primary duty)
  • Money Handlers (1 or 2 per shift) Bring money inside throughout the evening.
  • Direct traffic as needed.

Contact Information

Sarah Maddux
Volunteer Coordinator
(316) 943-1191

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