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Staff Listing

Kevin Fish
Executive Director  Ext. 103

Kristen Phillips
Executive Assistant  Ext. 104

Effie Pettinger
Finance Director  Ext. 102

Kim Bradford
Billing Coordinator Ext. 101

Mary Brown
Outreach & Development Coordinator  Ext. 132

Special Projects

Marty Rothwell
Director of Programs  Ext. 115

Kim Rogers
Special Projects Assistant  Ext. 125


Circle of Friends

Hillary Zwetzig
Circle of Friends Coordinator  Ext. 113

Vacant Position – Contact Hillary Zwetzig
Cornerstone Coordinator

Targeted Case Management

Vonda Bankston
Director of Client Services  Ext. 117

Lyndon Boggs
Asst. Director of Client Services  Ext. 107

Miranda Lower
Asst. Director of Client Services  Ext. 128

Sue Abbott  Ext. 105

Linda Calven  Ext. 129

Arlett Chrisman  Ext. 111

Tricia Davis Ext 114

Rich Hammar  Ext. 106

Matthew Kelley  Ext. 108

Abigail Lawrence  Ext. 126

Jodi Lower Ext. 123

Tandie Clark Ext. 109

Dane Peroutek  Ext. 134

Scott Senseman  Ext. 127

Brenda Staley  Ext. 122

Sherri Stuber-Charboneau  Ext. 116

Linda Titus  Ext. 110